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Deaf Culture: Can You?

Can You? 30 x 40 inch Oil on Canvas click on image to enlarge $900

Description about the painting:

This painting is actually about American Sign Language is close to becoming No. 3 most studied foreign language at American's colleges and universities. See article. The deaf person signs, 'You ASL?', in English, 'Can you use ASL?' The hearing person in the middle asks, 'Can you read lips?' The hearing person at the far right, signs ' Yes,' in English, 'Yes, I can use ASL.'

The light shines on the heads, are symbols -Deaf people need light to see. I use these symbols in other paintings, 'Understanding Deaf Culture' and 'We Stay.' The hand waving at the top left is the deaf artist behind. The red, blue, yellow, black and white shapes on the hearing person are symbols of the Piet Mondrian paintings, a Dutch painter from the De Stijl art movement.

Nancy Rourke

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