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Painting Description: Mask of Benevolence
2016 2016

USDA for

My Video Presentation at Artspace
in Athens, Greece

A Three Person Show at Colorado
State University

My Paintings at the Wabash Art Crawl
"In the Eyes of Deaf Artists III" Chicago


Turkish Sign Language Translation Book
My painting "Understanding Deaf Culture"
on the book cover.

A Mural is Born at RRCD

"To Deafhood, With Love" Show at
the Art Museum of Rochester.

Nancy Rourke
RDAW 2016

Jarrod Musano, CEO of Convo, wins
Nyle DiMarco oil painting auction


A Mural is Born

De'VIA Curriculum Development Project III
at Kansas School for the Deaf

My painting "Stand for Justice" on the
book cover

Color us D-E-A-F presentation with Ann Silver
& Nancy Rourke in Seattle, WA
2015 2015

The Making of
Second Wave
of Milan Painting

Live Interview with Nancy Rourke
at ASL SLAM in Denver, Colorado

2014 2014

New Deaf Artist Series: Nancy Rourke Book
Unveiling Ceremony at Access Gallery

2013 2013

Talking About
Art with Nancy

2012 2012

Bibliotheque Centre Pompidou Publique
from Paris, France Magazine
Oct issue 2012, page 12-15 my paintings

DeafNation 'No Barriers with Joel Barish'
video with Nancy Rourke at Access Gallery
in Denver, CO April 2012

My painting "The Deaf Mind" on the book
cover of Introduction to American Deaf Culture.

Mask of Benevolence Painting at
Mozzeria Restaurant in San Francisco.

Article about my artwork, page 8.
Deaf French Arts Magazine Art'Pi April 2012

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered painting
unveiled on March 19, 2012.
2011 2011

Nancy Rourke
2011 Paintings
Deaf Art
video clipping YouTube
January 1, 2012 2:41

California School for the Deaf Students did
a mural of my painting 'Deaf." Nov 2011

My Painting 'Ethnic Deaf' is on page 8.
French Deaf Arts Magazine Art'Pi Nov 2011

De'VIA Work by
Nancy Rourke

Video clipping documented
by Nancy Rourke 8:55
October 21, 2011

Two Deaf Artists Show at NTID
Rochester, NY Nov 2 - Dec 16, 2011
Nancy Rourke-Featured Artist at Deaf
Arts Festival, Michigan Sept 17, 201

Three paintings exhibited at the festival
September 23, 2011 in NYC.

Interview with
Deaf Artist
Nancy Rourke

The video interview was
done thru California State
University at Northridge.
11:21 April 17, 2011

Video Presentation August 2011

Nancy's painting Embrace Deafhood in August 2011

Nancy's painting on tshirts for The Learning
Center for the Deaf, Framingham, MA Aug 2011

Deaf Artists
Interview Series

video clipping narrated
by Patti Durr. 29:08
January 19, 2011

George Veditz painting
in DeafLife August Issue 2011

July 21-23, 2011 George Veditz on tshirts for
Audism Free America Rally in Wash DC

July 2011 at the Doubletree Hotel,
Denver, Colorado
Five of Nancy's paintings exhibited at
Delaplaine Center, Frederick, Maryland

Nancy Rourke Booth at DeafNation Two-Day
Tent Event in Riverside, CA May 6-7, 2011

Five of Nancy's artwork to support Epilepsy
Awareness at Dead Fish Grill, Belton, Texas
Silent Art Auction March 26, 2011
Nancy's painting 'I Love You Four'
to benefit the Deaf Arts Festival in
Brooklyn, Michigan September 2011.

Nancy gave a presentation at the Deaf
Studies/Culture Class at Pikes Peak
Community College, Colorado Springs, CO
February 18, 2011

Nancy's painting in Clerc Scar's
Laurent Newsletter February 2011
A brief article from On The Green:
Gallaudet University News
on Nancy's artwork January 28, 2011.

Nancy's painting poster on TV local news
NBC in Rochester, NY January 20, 2011
Click on image to see the video.

Nancy's painting becomes a logo for RIT's
ASL & Deaf Studies Community Center

Click on image to see the website.
2010 2010
video clipping narrated
by Patti Durr. 4:10
October 22, 2010

Nancy's artwork and videos in DSDJ
Fall 2010. Click on image to see website.

Nancy shared her art career with the
Denver's High Schools students.
Nov 9, 2010

Nancy was one of the Judges for the
Deaf Young Artists in
Salt Lake City, Utah Nov 5, 2010.

Artwork of
Nancy Rourke
video clipping narrated
by Patti Durr. 9:17
October 8, 2010

Click on image to see article.

Click on image to see article.

2010 Presentation for the solo show NTID

Nancy Rourke
2010 Paintings
Deaf Art
video clipping YouTube
January 12, 2011 2:20

Solo Show at Dyer Arts, in Rochester, NY

Honoring Deaf Artist Oct 2, 2010

Sorensons Deaf Awareness Month
Nancy Rourke's paintings at booth
Denver, Colorado July 24, 2010

Nancy Rourke's paintings at booth
Denver, Colorado July 23, 2010

Nancy Rourke's paintings at booth
Las Vegas, Nevada July 19-22, 2010
Nancy's Four Paintings page 44, 68
KISSFIST's Issue 8 2010

99 Pieces of Art on the Wall
May 21-June 4, 2010 Denver, CO

Access Gallery, Denver, CO
Featured Artist at Mandolin Cafe
Five paintings of Coffee Cups
March 16, 2010

Online Publication of the Signing Community
of Nancy Rourke's painting 'Incompatible'

Nancy Rourke's painting poster signing
in Winter Park, Colorado Feb 2010
Featured Artist of the Month November 2009

4 Paintings at the Gala Night in Northridge, CA

15th Annual Black Diamond Ball
at Invesco Field at Mile High, Denver
October 22, 2009
Benefit the
National Sports Center for the Disabled
Two Paintings at the Live & Silent Auction
One Painting at the Show in Denver, CO

Solo Show Sept 12, 2009
Colorado Association of the Deaf

Loveland, Colorado

Solo Show July 3- Aug 28, 2009
at Alliance Francaise de Denver

Art Festival in Rochester, NY May 2009






Solo Show March 5-28, 2008
Access Gallery, Denver

Artist in Residency
Lincoln, NE March 2008
Solo Show at Kalediscope Gallery
Bassett, Nebraska November 2007

Solo Show at Barnes & Noble
Loveland, CO May 2007

Solo Show at Studio 6 Coffeehouse
Santa Fe Art District, Denver 2007
Three Pieces of Art
Access Gallery, Denver 2007

2 Paintings at Art Students
League of Denver 2007

Two Deaf Artists Show at
The Children's Hospital, Denver 2007
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