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Two Way Mirror

Two Way Mirror 11 inch by 14 inch oil on canvas SOLD see enlarged both pictures.

Description about the painting:

Two Way Mirror
oil on canvas
11 inch by 14 inch
Day 5 of 28 Days, MIRROR motif, resistance art

This painting is about Language Equality for Deaf children. The painting of a Deaf girl has become a ventriloquist puppet where there is a national epidemic for language deprivation. The system that doctors, speech therapists and pychologists work, focuses and invests so much on the auditory aspect. What happened to the Deaf girl? She becomes an ear and not see her as a whole being. Their language, expression, their ability to think, create, discuss and to communicate their way, all of that is taken away. That has to change.

I made two paintings, on one canvas. The front canvas is a Deaf girl who is a ventriloquist puppet. The back canvas is the same Deaf girl who is an ear. That is how the system sees it, the EAR. The Deaf girl looks in the mirror, while the system behind the mirror sees her as an ear. She cannot see herself as an ear, only they do.

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