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This work is part of the 28 Days in February Challenge.

The Grandfather Clock


The Grandfather Clock 16 inch by 20 inch oil on canvas $375 see enlarge picture.

Day 1 of 28 Days
The Grandfather Clock
CLOCK motif (R)
Topic: ASL in Deaf History

There are nine motifs in the painting. I have used the mother and child motif on other paintings that related to newborn hearing screening, the elephant in the Deaf room, etc. The impaled hand referred to ASL banned. The roman numeral 12 numbers 12 is another motif that is, to honour the first 12 Deaf who died from complicated CI surgeries. The elephant is behind the clock. The story about the painting is the history of how ASL was banned and the oralism invaded and the Deaf culture was attacked. It started from Milan 1880 through the time of Alexander Graham Bell. The Ear motif refers to AGBELL along with the swirls as cochlear. The moon dial with the bell motif shows that it is almost midnight, is when the cultural genocide happened. The image of the tree is the eugenics tree and it moves. This clock seems to be haunted to many who have experienced that in the past. (the word “haunted” refers to deaf experience, not to ghost).

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