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No to AGB


No to AGB graffiti art see enlarged picture.

No to AGB graffiti art spray paint on newspaper.

No to AGB graffiti art spray paint on cardboard

No to AGB graffiti art spray paint on canvas 11x14inch

Description about the painting:

No to AGB
Day 13 of 28 Days
Graffiti spray paint
11x14, 16x20, 12x14
AGB motif, resistance
by Nancy Rourke

This is political art. A red circle, "No symbol" with AGB (Alexander Graham Bell and Associates), means to stop spreading oralism, and to stop AGB and its associates and CI corporations to push away Deaf schools. They invested so much time and money focusing on mouth and ear. Mainstreaming and LSL (Listening Spoken Language) are spreading like weeds. The No symbol image shows, that AGB are not allowed to take away our precious Deaf culture. This graffiti art shows a feel for spray paint, to grab attention.

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Nancy Rourke paintings copyright. 2015
Last updated February 13, 2015