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New Deaf Discourses, 1975 to Date

31 Days in March Project
New Deaf Discourses, 1975 to Date 8 inch by 10 inch oil on stretched canvas $125 click on image.

Description about the painting:

Day 22, 31 Days in March Project

This painting is based on Paddy Ladd's Understanding Deaf Culture in Search of Deafhood book on page 152-153. This painting is about different impacts on many Deaf communities because of cultural changes. Power and influences are among the biggest impacts. There are three Deaf leaders in the picture with words written on them. One is from the oralist community, the second is from the linguistic rights and the third is from the Deaf minorities. All seems to be weary because of the power and influences among each community. There is a yellow door opened in the background, it has a hidden message. What do you think the message is about? See the video clipping about the New Deaf Discourses. (ASL translated)

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