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Keep Window Opened: Deafhood


Keep Window Opened: Deafhood 8 inch by 10 inch oil on canvas $200 see enlarged picture.

Day 4 of 29 Days 
Theme: Deafhood

Back of canvas with hanging wire, hardcopy of the book cover, Understanding Deaf Culture, in Search of Deafhood by Paddy Ladd, pieces of wood tabs (that holds up the canvas together) and cardboard. 
Inspired by a Deafhood Discussions' video, Ladd INTRO p. 2-6 with Tara Holcomb (7:55) http://www.deafhood.us/wp/archives/397

This is about the museum that shows paintings on the wall, but paintings are turned to face the wall. Paddy wants the door opened at all times, to let others learn about Deafhood. So, the concept of a painting turned to face the wall, is the back of the canvas with a "window," that I put together, meaning it is always open, there is ACCESS to enter the Deafhood journey. While the doors are closed, the window stays opened. ‪#‎DeVIA29Challenge‬

on page 3, in the Introduction Chapter of the book.


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Last updated February 4, 2016