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Forever Merry Go Round


Forever Merry Go Round 8 inch by 10 inch oil on canvas $125 see enlarge picture.

This painting focuses on the merry go round on top of the head, going round and round, "say the word, AIRPLANE, say the word, COWBOY." A mother asks the girl, what did you learn in school today?" The girl said, "AIRPLANE, COWBOY." Ten years later, a parent asks her daughter, what did you learn in college?" She said, "AIRPLANE, COWBOY." Ten years later, an older woman asks herself, "I still feel the echo flying around my head, AIRPLANE, COWBOY."

This painting is about a Deaf child growing up orally and went to a speech therapy where she started learning to say the word, AIRPLANE, COWBOY. This is a common therapy where speech pathologists have used the same words over and over again, for years. The memory of the first visit at a speech therapy became a nightmare that no one can ever forget. The words are already set in a merry go round.

See vlog in ASL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1IIp8SDd-M

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