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Ethnic Deaf

Ethnic Deaf 30 inch by 40 inch oil on stretched canvas $900

Description about the painting:
This painting is about big 'D' Deaf identity- of language and culture. CODA comes from Deaf family -
first language and home culture is the Deaf World. For quite some time CODA, Oral, Late Deafened and HoH
have been experiencing 'audism' from some d/Deaf people when they are excluded from a community, based on their hearing ability even though they are big D Deaf. Most CODA, HoH, Oral, Late Deafened prefer to be seen through cultural lens, linguistical minority—D E A F.

This painting is inspired by Barbara Jones-Hogu 'Unite' 1971. This painting is also inspired by Erik Witteborg's
vlog 'Codas: not deaf, but Deaf, not Hearing, but hearing.'

The painting shows 'Deaf Power, Deaf Culture and Deaf Unity' in the background. A CODA person signs a Big D with yellow fingers, with a big heart behind. Four persons behind the scene sign 'Deaf Power.' CODA stands
for 'Children of Deaf Adults', HoH stands for Hard of Hearing, and Late Deafened means a person became deaf
later in life.

This painting is in the November 2011 Issue from Paris, France, Deaf French Arts magazine, Art'Pi on page 8.

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Last updated November 8, 2011