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Dysconscious Audism

Dysconscious Audism 30 inch by 40 inch oil on stretched canvas $900 click on image.

Description about the painting:
This painting is about a young Deaf person being a 'Dysconscious Audist' while the other person is the audist.
This painting speaks louder and clearer.

The blue tape on the young Deaf person's head stands for 'BRAINWASHED.' Another blue tape is tied around hands refers to 'no signs permitted.' I use blue tape in other paintings as a symbol that refers to audism that represents negative remarks towards the Deaf community. The idea of the blue tape came from America Free Audism during a rally at Alexander Graham Bell conference in Washington, DC. There are different shapes of boxes around the young Deaf person as meaning to being 'oppressed' by audists. The boxes compress on the Deaf person, feeling trapped and unable to breath freely. The yellow light above the young Deaf person is another symbol that I use in my paintings, refers to light where Deaf people can see. The big black hand on the audist's side, refers to being 'overprotective' of the young Deaf person. The audist uses the yellow hand, to tell the young Deaf person to learn to talk and is saying that 'if I let you use ASL, your English will be awful' and a very subtle statement at the bottom black box says 'Be thankful you are oral.'

The young Deaf person is struggling, telling the audist to back off; saying that --Deaf people are victims; it is not their fault. It is the oral system that corrupts the Deaf culture. See Dr. Don Grushkin's 'Confessions of a Dysconscious Audist' vlog.

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