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Deep Scar


Deep Scar 11 inch by 14 inch oil on canvas $160 see enlarged picture.

Description about the painting:

Deep Scar
Day 17 of 28 Days in February
HOOK motif, resistance
size 11 inch by 14 inch
oil on canvas
by Nancy Rourke

This painting is about a Deaf adult who has a deep scar, painful memories and never forgets what happened in the past when in oral school. The red hand shows a "hook" and cut the forehead, bleeding and tears coming down from eyes. In the background shows AGB whips a Deaf Horse http://www.nancyrourke.com/agbwhipsdeafhorse.htm and at the bottom shows Mask of Benevolence http://www.nancyrourke.com/maskbenevolence.htm
These two paintings have descriptions that explain about oralism.

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