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Deaf Disempowerment


credited to Trudy Suggs
Deaf Disempowerment 16 inch by 20 inch oil on stretched canvas SOLD click on image.

Description about the painting:

This painting is about Deaf Disempowerment, inspired by Trudy Suggs' Deaf Disempowerment and
Today's Interpreter
vlog. A big thank you to Trudy.

In this painting, there is a huge hole on the Deaf body. Somebody pulled the power from the Deaf person.

Disempowerment is "to remove power from somebody."

For instance, an interpreter who called herself, deaf, did an advertisement on Saturn cars, later admitted she was hearing the entire time, made a profit of $75,000, never apologized to the Deaf and Interpreter communities.

Another example, a South African person gestured signing as an interpreter during Nelson Mandela's funeral service.

Seattle Men's Chorus, a non-certified interpreter oppressed the Deaf community by signing/gesturing in his own way and refusing to cooperate with the Deaf community.

There's more about Deaf Disempowerment. There are many hearing ASL teachers than Deaf ASL teachers.
Why are there so many of them? There should be Deaf ASL teachers, teaching ASL and Deaf culture to hearing students.

Another form of disempowerment is making money off American Sign Language without the right qualifications, and not respecting the culture and language, and doing it for profit.

The feeling of being disempowered, also feels that a Deaf soul was taken away, Deaf power was taken away.
A Deaf person was shocked and felt totally empty and isolated and sometimes anger. So, the painting shows a hole, that feels like a Deaf soul/Deaf power/Deaf heart was grasped and pulled away big time. Part of the body was torn and taken. This is big time AUDISM.

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