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Deaf Politics:
Cherish Deaf Culture

Cherish Deaf Culture 20 inch by 30 inch oil on stretched canvas SOLD click on image.
Description about the painting:
This painting is about how the Deaf Culture is so precious that nothing can destroy or take away the Deaf way of life, their language and their culture. There are cracks on the sign 'Culture', meaning the Deaf Culture has been oppressed by the hearing society over and over. The bandaid is wrapped around one finger. The finger is yellow in color, means there is hope. Hope for the Deaf Culture Protection Act as what the author Edwin Black had recommended during his presentation in California in 2011. The bright colors on the left side means the Deaf person is proud to be Deaf while the blue-ish colors show a Deaf person is worried, depressed and fighting for the rights. This is happening today.
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Last updated June 7, 2011