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28 Days in February Project

Angela Fuller Fischer

Angela Fuller Fischer 8 inch by 10 inch oil on stretched canvas $125 click on image.

Description about the painting:

Day 6 of 28 Days in February Project

This is Angela Fuller Fischer (1841-1925). She was a great leader of the Deaf Women in the 1880's.
Her goal was to have Deaf women to attend at National Deaf-Mute College. Otherwise, she would have started a separate college for Deaf women only.

She became Deaf at age 13 from whooping cough and fever. She loved writing poetry that focused on the beauty of nature. She was an activist for Women's Rights and she wrote letters to the editor of the Deaf Mutes' journal.

Angela was born in Illinois and went to Illinois School for the Deaf in Jacksonville, IL. She had trouble keeping up with school because of her poor vision.

She was involved in getting direct attention towards the need for college for women after she heard the government gave funds to build a new gym for men's college. She wrote to the Deaf-Mute Journal, " Neither the students of the National College nor any other deaf-mute school wherein signs are used to any considerable extent, need the exercise of a gymasium because sign language is eminently a muscular exercise." "...the girls should repay the students by refusing to marry such students of a selfish, unchivalrous nature." She pledged five dollars to build a "College for Mute Ladies" or "Seminary for Deaf-Mute Girls."  About 90 dollars was contributed at the end of 1880, and the public changed in favor of higher education for women and later National Deaf-Mute College became co-educational.

Angela died at age 83.

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