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We Fly


We Fly 18 inch by 24 inch oil on canvas $400 see enlarged picture.

Description about the painting:

We Fly
Day 14 of 28 Days in February
LADDER motif, affirmative
18 inch by 24 inch oil on canvas
by Nancy Rourke
The painting is inspired by Debbie Rennie's Black Hole: Color ASL The sky is blue the first time and then the Deaf artists painted the whole sky with blue, red, yellow, green and black with their hands. The can of black paint splattered and made black holes, but the artists made it to the top and flew out before the ladder went into the sinkhole. The ladder from the bottom shows "Deaf Identity" and then on up to "Deaf Experience", to "the Beauty of De'VIA". This is the part of an artistic growth from the beginning of the artists' first experience when they started art as a self portrait, searching for identity. And this is my personal tribute to the De'VIA artists in De'VIA Central FB group who have been working so hard for the first 14 days of February Challenge. This is my way of thanking them for participating the challenge project. As of February 15, we begin the last 14 days of February with BLUE TAPE, resistance.

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