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United We Stand

United We Stand 16 inch by 20 inch mixed media $360 see enlarged picture.

Description about the painting:

by Nancy Rourke
United We Stand
16 inch by 20 inch
mixed media (oil, spray paint, oil bars, paper collage and canvas)
HANDSTAND motif, affirmative

I did something different using different mediums. This artwork is "United We Stand" and on the canvas, is a scanned photocopy of Veditz's handwritten "United We Stand Divided We Fall Vedtiz and Haas". I took a picture of Veditz's old photo that shows the Veditzes and Haas when they were in Denver on Corona, in the Washington Park area. On the back of the photo shows the writing of "United We Stand Divided We Fall", oh wow, I went crazy and took a picture of it. There's a picture of a painting "Unity of Global Signing" pasted onto the canvas. I spray painted and used oil bars for writing. The handstand is the oil paint. It has a Jean-Michel Basquiat influence.

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