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28 Days in February Project

Two Sides

Two Sides 16 inch by 20 inch oil on stretched canvas SOLD click on image.

Description about the painting:

Day 12 of 28 Days in February Project

This painting is inspired by Frida Kahlo's Two Fridas. This is based on what I have seen during my artist-in-residencies. This girl was born Deaf and had her first cochlear implant at age 21 months. Her parents worked hard to teach her how to talk and listen and not to use sign language. They tell friends and relatives that their daughter is 'hearing.' When she entered high school, this was where she was struggling to find her own identity. One side of her, shows a cochlear implant device on her lap. She took it off, to show everyone what her device looks like. She has blue tape wrapped around her hand, to show that she was encouraged not to use sign language. Her dress shows AUDISM as in blue, black and white colour. This means that turning a Deaf baby into a 'hearing' baby through cochlear implant and then educating her orally represents a gross violation of human rights. On the other side of her, is her own Deaf person, knows her identity. She shows a big D on her heart. She has blue tape on her mouth and ears, meaning she is Deaf and prefers to sign. The holding hand motif represents 'embracing each other', and to hang in there.
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