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Twelve in 1989

Twelve in 1989 16 inch by 20 inch oil on gallery canvas click on image. $350

Description about the painting:

This painting is about the TWELVE Deaf children who died from CI surgeries and other complications in 1989 when FDA had kept it quiet for so long. Now it has been 25 years since 1989, it is time to make a stand. There are a total of 25 black flags in the painting. 25 flags means 25 years and 12 blue taped flags are the TWELVE Deaf children. These waving hands that are blue taped, are the people and the parents mourning the TWELVE Deaf children. They decided to wrap their hands in blue tapes to remember and to respect them. There are many more deaths and other complications. These are the first TWELVE from 1989. There's a hidden message on the ground that says F D A (Food Drug Adminstration.) They make profit but yet harm Deaf children gravely. This year marks 25 years in 2014.

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Last updated June 13, 2014