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Right to Be Deaf Series
Painting No. 7 The Tree of Oppression


The Tree of Oppression 16 inch by 20 inch oil on canvas $360 see enlarged picture.

Description about the painting:

I am working on a series "Right to Be Deaf," Painting No. 7, "The Tree of Oppression."

This painting is inspired by Frida Kahlo's "Ford Hospital" and Jacob Lawrence's "The Ordeal of Alice" and David Call's "Me Your Mother" and the Saint Sebastian.

These are motifs in the painting that focuses on De'VIA Deaf experiences.

1. Mother of All Deaf Souls, inspired by David Call, is an affirmative motif- natural sign language, strength, purity, Deaf birthright, preservation of Deaf communities for generations to come. Mother of All Deaf Souls is a mythical fertile mother of all Deaf Souls.

2. Blue Tape-is a resistance motif, refers to tied down, audism, and oppression.

3. Hook -is a resistance motif, means attacking, harming, trying to kill or stop or destroy.

4. Chopped Hand -is a resistance motif, means American Sign Language prohibited.

5. Body Hole-is a resistance motif, means black hole on Deaf bodies, Deaf Disempowerment, Identity taken away. Feeling “gone.”

The painting overall, explains that, the Mother of All Deaf Souls, tied to the evil tree of Audism, she is suffering the pain, pierced with double fishing hooks and blue taped around arms and body. One hand is chopped off because
of her horrible experience as a child when sign language was not allowed. The womb refers to Deaf babies being implanted, and each time Deaf babies get implanted, Mother of All Deaf Souls gets pierced with hooks and the Deaf culture is slowly dying, each day. She is sad and has been betrayed by AGBAD. Our Deaf rights have been taken away. Our Deaf identies are taken away and that is where the body hole takes place. This story goes back to the time when sterilization happened to many Deaf victims, this is what the womb stands for. The heart on the ground refers to our Deaf culture died away. There is a meaning for the double fishing hooks as they are signed as "CI" as so many CI corporations invaded and snatched on every skull. The Mother of All Deaf Souls kneeled on a stump against the evil tree, being tied down and no where to go.

the double fishing hook
as they are signed as "CI"
as so many CI corporations
invaded and snatched on
every baby skull.

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