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The Opponent


The Opponent 16 inch by 20 inch oil on canvas $350 see enlarge picture.

The concept of this painting, the two are playing chess. The fingerspelled hands were traced down by my own hands and made them like a silhoulette. They are shadow motifs. There are actually four motifs in the entire painting: checkerboard, shadow, hands and handstand. The hands are in ASL. This is Veditz in colours, with the handstand in SOLIDARITY and AGBELL in AUDISM blue colour. The one hand is spelled as "V" with the handstand and then E, D, I, T, Z (with finger to spell a Z) and the blue colour hands stands for A G B E L L. The checkerboard overlaps the AGBELL and VEDITZ fingerspelling, to make the art look a bit abstracted and gemetric shapes. The entire checkerboard gives it a whole empty space in between the two opponents. This is a resistance category.

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Last updated August 2, 2016