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The Lost Mural


The Lost Mural 18 inch by 24 inch oil on canvas $400 see enlarged picture.

Description about the painting:

The Lost Mural
Day 26 of 28 Days
Door motif, affirmative
18 inch by 24 inch
oil on canvas
by Nancy Rourke

This painting is about the missing 1989 De'VIA Mural. The Truth Seekers came to the door with the eye lantern, and found the lost mural. There are several other Truth Seekers paintings and they are nude. Nude means pure, natural and honest. The 1989 De'VIA mural is STILL missing in real life.

This is the actual 1989 De'VIA Mural that has been missing since 1989.
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Last updated February 26, 2015