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The Deaf Child's Meal

The Deaf Child's Meal 16 inch by 20 inch oil on stretched canvas $350 click on image.

Description about the painting:

This was a project that I worked with the De'VIA artists on the "Out of the Box" challenge, which means that the De'VIA themes (affirmative, resistance and liberation) must be subtled and that, there are no motifs or ASL in the painting. The concept is to make the audience view the painting and to figure out why and what is behind the story.

This is a painting of a Deaf child with nothing on a plate. He shows a sad face. The whole room is dark with black and grey. On the plate, shows small stripes of red, blue and yellow. This means that there were food on the plate. The child ate and was still hungry for more food. This painting is not really about the Deaf child as a portrait, but it means that Deaf children are hungry for more education. They learned but not enough to fully understand and to appreciate more. This is child abuse, and is suffering through mainstreamed program where the public schools focus heavily on listening and speaking and no sign language. The blue colour represents AUDISM and OPPRESSION.

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