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The Brain Moloch


The Brain Moloch 8 inch by 10 inch oil on canvas $125 see enlarged picture.

Day 17, COW motif, resistance category

This painting is inspired by the book, Made to Hear, by Laura Mauldin.

The cow moloch and the mother both show a brain organ. This is all medicalization of deafness. It is an ongoing political, social, medical and economic struggle. This chapter talks about how medical professionals try to fix and change the way brain functions once a CI is turned on. While that is been done, a new treatment comes to mothers where they do a neurological training that will shape the interventions. They train the mothers to train their child's brain to make sure proper development is been done for spoken language. It's a huge push to that. So the mother is controlled by the brain moloch with swirly eyes. The flames are scorching in the background.

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Last updated August 17, 2016