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The Bilingual Mind

The Bilingual Mind 30 inch by 40 inch oil on stretched canvas $950 click on image.

Description about the painting:

This painting is about the Bilingual mind on a Deaf child on how she sees, visualizes, remembers vividly, and understands clearly using both ASL and English. And English means for a Deaf child, is to know how to read and write in English and to become a fluent writer one day and an enjoyable reader. The Deaf child has an ASL mind who picks up English quickly, all goes well for Deaf education. This also relates to Language Equality. The ASL hands show "A S L" on the child's forehead, meaning she has an ASL Mind, a sign for "Attached memory", meaning she will remember always. A sign for "Understand", meaning she understood quickly, and a sign for "CLEAR", meaning she understood very clearly. A sign for "Visual", meaning she relies on visualizing everything she sees. A sign for "English" is one of the bilingual language a Deaf child is learning in Deaf education.

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