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Second Wave of Oralism

Second Wave of Oralism 16 inch by 20 inch oil on stretched canvas $300 see enlarged image.

Description about the painting:

This painting is about the Second Wave of Oralism that is happening today. The herd of elephants are AGBell professionals including CI corporations, who are greedy and want Deaf babies. The yellow horses are Deaf babies and children who were born Deaf. They are scared and running from the professionals, trying to escape from the people who are Mask of Benevolence. The yellow horses with Audism Free America's painters blue tapes came from the original painting that I did of, AGBell Whips a Deaf Horse. The yellow horse is one of the symbols that I created in my De'VIA theme. The elephant concept came from another original painting that I did of, The Elephant in the Deaf Room. The elephant is another symbol in my De'VIA theme.

The blue tapes on cracks of a dam, are leaking out and water are spreading coming towards Paddy Ladd's red mountains. That means the red mountains are still standing firm while water are still running. The yellow horses are struggling to preserve their own Deaf identities from taking away by professionals.

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Last updated May 29, 2013