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The Rise of Language Deprivation


The Rise of Language Deprivation 8 inch by 10 inch oil on canvas $125 see enlarged picture.

Day 3 of 29 Days
SHADOW motif
Resistance category
Theme- Deaf Children's Rights
Title: The Rise of Language Deprivation
Nancy Rourke
Inspired by Mary Thornley's painting, Milan, Italy 1880.
This is a series that I had been doing with my painting, We Came, We Saw, We Conquered.
There is a creepy shadow "LSL" (Listen Spoken Language) that is behind ASL where there's a Cued Speech been taught at Deaf schools and CI department, Speech Pathology and Audiology. The language deprivation continues to rise. There is a hidden message.

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Last updated February 3, 2016