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Play and Profit


Play and Profit 18 inch by 24 inch oil on canvas $400 see enlarged picture.

Description about the painting:

Play and Profit
Day 25 of 28 Days
Octopus motif, resistance
18 inch by 24 inch
oil on canvas
by Nancy Rourke

This painting shows two different things happening here. When an octopus does a newborn hearing screening,
a Deaf baby gets a cochlear implant and a profit is made. Each time a Deaf baby gets a CI, a Deaf Culture is taken away. Deaf Disempowerment (credited to Trudy Suggs.) There is a huge hole on the Deaf body. Somebody pulled the power from the Deaf person.This is AGB elephant. When a profit is made, the octopus scores, like a game "score four." There are swirls (suctions). Swirls are cochlear. This painting is inspired by two paintings "Deaf Disempowerment" and "The Newborn Hearing Screening."

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