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Oralism Invaded


Oralism Invaded 16 inch by 20 inch acrylic on canvas $250 see enlarged picture.

Day 25 of 29 Days
BLACK HOLE motif, resistance

This is a 16x20 inch portrait of Robert P McGregor with black holes all over him.
I did this portrait last November at the time when I was in Michigan, just days before I went to Ohio. I visited his grave as well. He had made quite a few famous quotes about ORALISM.

One of his quotes talked on-

what did the Deaf people do, 
that rejected their rights, 
their language and 
they are being punished by them? 
It was totally unfair. 
There was no answer that would satisfy them.

So by adding black holes on him, made me furious. and it is still happening today.

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Last updated February 25, 2016