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Milestone: Thank You

Thank You 30 x 40 inch Oil on Canvas click on image to enlarge

Description about the painting and George Veditz:

This painting is about George Veditz’s Preservation of Sign Language presentation from the NAD Motion Picture Project. His 1913 film has been selected for the Library of Congress 2010 National Film Registry. George made it into the top 25 films! The painting is to show how much he has appreciated it and to say Thank You to Library of Congress. His hands signed "LOVE" as seen in his 1913 film. He loved chickens and pigeons and raised them in Colorado. The blue drapery represents his presentation in the 1913 film "The Preservation of Sign Language.
Congratulations, Veditz! See Veditz's 1913 film http://www.nad.org/news/2010/12/historic-nad-film-selected-preservation-library-congress This year 2011 on August 13, George Veditz would be 150 years old.

A biography about George Veditiz, see link.

Nancy Rourke

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