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King of Deaf Hearts


King of Deaf Hearts 12 inch by 16 inch oil on canvas

Description about the painting:

This is a playing card with King of Hearts that shows George William Veditz with a letter of M and Alexander Graham Bell with a letter of O. With M and O, it stands for Manualism vs. Oralism. The old debate with Veditz and Bell. Veditz with American Sign Language and HandEye, for People of the Eye. With Alexander Graham Bell, you see MOUTH and EAR on his hands and with a feather, for speech therapy, plus it is parroting. There's three Os, stands for ORAL OPTION ONLY.This painting can be rotated. It has two hanging wires on the back of the canvas.

Here shows a painting of George Veditz with Alexander Graham Bell on tug-of-war.
The Old Debate of Veditz and Bell. Painted in 2010.

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