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Institutionalized 8 inch by 10 inch oil on canvas $125 see enlarge picture.

This is in the building where all different types of tests are been done. Newborn Hearing Screening says, it needs more testing. They wont say, it failed. It will upset the parents. Parents are in training. The institution refuses any access of American Sign Language to a "hearing loss" child. They push against the door to keep ASL out. The clapping monkey refers to a group of professionals, who train the parents on many ways to keep their deaf children in the hearing world. From the Newborn Hearing Screening, there needs to have a "Deaf Culture Protection Act", according to the author, Edwin Black. American Sign Language and Deaf Culture needs to be addressed immediately, so parents know there is more to it for a Deaf Child.

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Nancy Rourke paintings copyright. 2016
Last updated August 3, 2016