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Help Deaf Child Find the Lightbulb


Help Deaf Child Find the Lightbulb 9 inch by 12 inch oil on canvas $135 see enlarged picture.

Day 7 of 29 Days
MAZE motif, resistance
Theme: Deaf Children Rights
This painting shows a maze game. Help Deaf child find the lightbulb, after going through language deprivation for years from childhood to adulthood, still struggle to fully understand. To prevent from language deprivation, a Deaf child understands instantly because of ASL. The lightbulb is a motif, meaning understand instantly. With speech and listening only, where is ASL that a Deaf child can visually understand what the world is about?
‪#‎DeVIA29Challenge‬ ‪#‎DeafChildrenRights‬

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Last updated February 7, 2016