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Deaf History, Deaf Culture and Deafhood

The Hearing Test Room 8 x 10 inch Oil on Canvas 2010 $70 click on image to enlarge
This painting is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's 'The Bedroom at Arles, c.1887' with the same table, chairs, picture frames and floor. The black silhouette at the blue window is the audiologist. The picture frame on the right side of the wall, is the Alexander Graham Bell's estate and his sheep flock. The wirings and headphones are hung up against the wall. The picture frame on the left side is the AGB's favorite triangle shape. The white dots on the walls represent the sound-proof room. The clapping handed monkey and the red-lit nose clown bring back memories. The painting has a claustrophobic feel and its isolation and the cold room itself.
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Last updated November 30, 2010