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HandEye 8 inch by 10 inch acrylic on canvas board with painted frame $150 see enlarge image

A hidden message on the eye pupil.

Description about the painting:

This painting was done in a classroom at Front Range Community College in Westminster, Colorado. I gave a workshop and taught about Deaf View Image Art and the meaning of it, and its history and then today's De'VIA, a totally new genre of De'VIA. I talked about the three themes and the colors that I used. I explained carefully on the symbols and motifs that I created and how I interpreted each one of them, based on resistance, affirmative and liberation. I explained how a De'VIA artist first came about when painting a Deaf experience theme. This is quite common, to explore one self first and then after that, goes on the next level. I shared abit about that with my past experience when I first started Deaf art. Then I painted this HandEye canvas in a classroom and everyone seemed to enjoy watching and painting at the same time.
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Last updated July 16, 2013