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Feeding Your Soul


Feeding Your Soul 9 inch by 12 inch oil on canvas $150 see enlarged picture.

Day 14 of 29 Days
STREAM motif, I picked Affirmation for this work.

Inspired by two murals, 1989 De'VIA mural and 2012 De'VIA mural.
The hands are shaped like a stream. I see the overlapped hands, were done by Chuck Baird from the 1989 mural. In this painting, the stream flows all the way to the Eye, feeding the soul, like a waterfall. Meaning, something gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Something to look forward to and that is for you and your well being. The triangle comes from both 1989 and 2012 murals. I see De'VIA artists flow together to feed among each other, building up their creativity and accomplishment.

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Last updated February 14, 2016