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Dots Betrayal

31 Days in March Project
Dots Betrayal 16 inch by 20 inch oil on stretched canvas $255 click on image.

Description about the painting:

Day 19, 31 Days in March Project

This painting is about Cochlear Implants on Deaf Babies/Deaf Children. The white words on the center of the painting says "Dots equal the number of Deaf children who can now hear because of CI." The colored dots represent Deaf babies and children have cochlear implants. The black dots represent the true facts on what's been happening behind CI businesses and how that affect the Deaf community. The black dots also refer to "black holes," meaning they are deceived by, destroyed by, and so on. There is a hidden message in the painting.
In the past, there were 12 deaths. (see image no. 2)

image no. 2

These words on black dots say:

recalls, oralism, audism, ASL banned, death, face parlyzed, Deaf identity gone, physical abuse, mask of benevolence, Deaf soul destroyed, cerebraspinal fluid leakage, perilymph fluid leak, vertigo attack, tinnitus, taste disturbances, "forget that you are deaf", CI takes away Deaf Grandmother, CI takes away Step Deaf Mom, CI takes away the Deaf Dad, CI takes away Deaf family, Implant failed, CI destroys Deaf rights, Cultural genocide, cochlear business is dirty business, Dimitry Dornan's Deaf as Scourge, CI is controversial, learning disability, language delay, FDA, where are you?, meningitis, language deprivation, oral aural only, AGBELL, Promotes AVT/LSL, CI on cats, FRAUD, American dream of normalcy, profit, bribing $$$$$, AGBAD, CURE, More LIES, linguistic genocide, EHDI, Dr. Karl White, More recalls, insurance fraud, device failure, Deaf Babies have RIGHTS, lawsuits, less than one year infants have CI, Deaf schools in crisis, unethical dealings and AUDISM. I visited the implant industry and saw a huge wall filled with dots and this is what I came up with. See vlog.


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