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Deaf View Image Art

Deaf View Image Art 30 inch by 40 inch oil on stretched canvas $925 click on image.

Description about the painting:
This painting is about Deaf View Image Art as in De'VIA. It shows three themes; resistance art, affirmative art and liberation art. Six images are shown on the canvas, and one hidden image.

Six images include:

Elephant from The Elephant in the Deaf Room -resistance art

Culture and Deaf from Cherish Deaf Culture -resistance (culture signing with bandaid and cracks) and affirmative art (deaf)

Deaf Horse from AGB Whips a Deaf Horse -resistance art

Deaf Puppet from Puppeteer -resistance art

Deaf People and Waving Hands from We Came, We Saw, We Conquered -liberation art

These images represent Audism, Second Wave of Oralism, Paternalism, Submissive, Mask of Benevolence,
Subaltern resistance and Empowerment.

The artist had painted these images over the year, to show our Deaf human rights and the struggles that are seen over and over again. This is what Deaf View Image Art is about in the painting.

The hidden image in the painting shows the artist. And in fact, the painting itself is actually a self-portrait, the artist is looking at all the images, thinking about what can be done in the Deaf world.

Self portrait of the artist.

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Last updated January 10, 2013