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Deaf Prisoner Abuse

Deaf Prisoner Abuse 18 inch by 24 inch oil on canvas $400 click on image to enlarge .

Description about the painting:

This painting is from the article I read today as of January 27, 2015, and was sadden by how horrible the correctional staff at a Texas prison treated the prisoners especially the Deaf, Blind and the elderly inmates. This painting shows a Deaf prisoner laying on the cement floor inside a cell, with broken bones, cuts and bruises on hands, bruised eyes and arms, screaming for HELP. This brutal abuse must be stopped. There is a hidden message on the painting. Article: http://www.texastribune.org/2015/01/27/report-blind-deaf-disabled-inmates-abused-prison/

Hidden message shows "HELP"
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Last updated January 27, 2015