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Deaf History:
Honor Thy Deaf History


Honor Thy Deaf History 30 inch by 40 inch oil on stretched canvas click on image. $900.00

Description about the painting:
This is the painting about Deaf History that goes back from the timeline of year 1620 to 2005.

Paddy Ladd 2005.
Twelveth of 12 Portraits.
Paddy Ladd coined the word
"Deafhood". He wrote the book
called "Understanding Deaf
Culture - In Search of Deafhood"

Tom Humphries 1975.
Eleventh of 12 Portraits.
Tom Humphries coined
the word

William C. Stokoe 1965.
Tenth of 12 Portraits.
William Stokoe said American
Sign Language is a language.
He was the founder of the
linguistic study of the sign
languages of the Deaf.

George Veditz 1913.
Nineth of 12 Portraits.
George Veditz who did a film on
Preservation of Sign Language
presentation from the NAD Motion
Picture Project. His 1913 film has
been selected for the Library of
Congress 2010 National Film

Agatha Tiegel Hanson 1893.
Eighth of 12 Portraits.
Agatha Tiegel Hanson was the first
Deaf woman to graduate from
Gallaudet College with a four year
degree. At the graduation
commencement in 1893, she was
a Valedictorian. She delivered her
address, "The Intellect of Women",
a very powerful presentation.

Edward Miner Gallaudet 1865.
Seventh of 12 Portraits.
 Edward Miner Gallaudet is the
son of Thomas Hopkins
Gallaudet. Edward Miner
became the first President
of Gallaudet University
in 1865.

Albert Newsam 1854
Sixth of 12 Portraits.
Albert Newsam is a famous
Deaf artist who designed
the Gallaudet Monument.


Laurent Clerc 1816.
Fifth of 12 Portraits.
Laurent Clerc was 28 when leaving
France for America on the Mary
Augusta ship with Thomas Hopkins
Gallaudet on June 18, 1816 and
arriving in Hartford, Connecticut
on August 22, 1816.

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet 1816.
Fourth of 12 Portraits.
Gallaudet went on the ship named
Mary-Augusta on the 18th of June
1816 with Laurent Clerc, on a
journey to America.


Jean Baptiste Massieu 1815
Third of 12 Portraits.
Massieu was one of the pioneer
Deaf teachers. He was born Deaf,
and came from a Deaf family. He
had five Deaf siblings. He taught at 
the Institution Nationale des sourds-
muets de Paris where Laurent Clerc 
was one of his students. His famous
quote, 'Gratitude is the memory of the heart.'

Abbe Charles de L’Epee 1760
Second of 12 Portraits
from Paris, France.  
L'Epee was a French pioneer
teacher for the Deaf. He opened
the first public school for the
Deaf in France and the school was
called the , “Institution Nationale
des sourds-muets de Paris."

Juan Pablo Martin Bonet 1620
First of 12 Portraits
Juan Pablo Martin Bonet
from Spain 1620. Bonet was the
first to publish a sign language
book for the Deaf. The Deaf
students were taught to read,
write, and use the one-handed
manual alphabet system.
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