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28 Days in February Project

Deaf Children's Rights

Deaf Children's Rights 11 inch by 14 inch oil on stretched canvas $150 click on image.

Description about the painting:

Day 24 of 28 Days in February Project

This painting is about the violation of Deaf Children's Rights. The implantation of CI has a eugenics perspective that threatens Deaf people's culture. Parents considered the best interests of their Deaf child and not carefully take the understanding of Deaf Culture that is potentially more connected with their child than with them. Parents need to understand that their Deaf child may one day, as an adult would feel identity is gone and will blame the parents. The child wants to have the CI removed. He ends up having a dark scar on his head. The painting shows the elephant. This is a motif that I use in many paintings. The elephant is Alexander Graham Bell. AGB is everywhere. The blue tapes refers to AUDISM.

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Last updated February 24, 2014