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The Cultural Epiphany

The Cultural Epiphany 11 inch by 14 inch oil on canvas click on image to enlarge .

Description about the painting:

The Opening of the Eyes and Ears of the Hearing through ASL Instruction and Cultural Awareness.
The colorless faces (the hearing) represent the concept of the Latin phrase "tabula rasa" often translated
as "blank slate." The hands on the left represent the cultural transfer and infilling of the colorless faces
(the hearing) by DEAF ASL instructors with the color and fabric of Deaf linguistic culture.

This painting also refers to a bridge merging the hearing students new to learning American
Sign Language with a Deaf ASL instructor.

Schools that have or are new to American Sign Language course, can greatly benefit with Deaf ASL instructors. They are fluent in their own language and Deaf culture.

The painting shows 'A S L' as in American Sign Language, and 'D E A F' for Deaf culture.
The blue color stripe at the center, refers to river, that splits to two different worlds, and the hand-holding bridge connect them together.

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Last updated January 12, 2015